Porto Cesareo (My home town)

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The Heel of Italy

Discover “the heel of the Italian boot” down in the South, at PORTO CESAREO.

This small town, where I grew up, is on the Ionic coast and has the most transparent, clear sea in Italy.

The sun shines 349 days a year, perfect for leisurely walks and the enjoyment of a remarkable and beautiful landscape, with olive trees, vineyards, and picturesque scenery.

As well as homemade food, fresh fish, oil and wine, you can enjoy a warm culture with old traditions, craftsmen, reasonable prices and much more, such as putting on weight because of the ice-creams.

You will find a warm and a friendly welcome, which is characteristic of the Southern Italian people.

Porto Cesareo is only 50 km (35 miles) from LECCE, “The Florence of the South” so called because of its beautiful Baroque Architecture.

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