Would you like to learn Italian and sing Pavarotti,
or just speak this musical language?

I am a qualified experienced mother tongue Italian teacher, from Lecce, and I am based in the Clifton area, in Bristol.

My lessons are informal, relaxed and interactive, and the emphasis is on communication skills.

Variety and practicality are important, for example, you can learn how to make a tiramisu’, real coffee and more.
Learning needs to be relaxing and fun, and enjoyment is an important aspect of learning, so that the mind can absorb and learn easily.

Afterwards, you can also enjoy a holiday in Italy, talk to people, ride a moped, drive a Ferrari, make a pizza and more, on the coast of my beautiful hometown, Porto Cesareo (Le).

No previous knowledge is necessary, you will start learning from ciao. Try a single lesson and see how you feel.

Lessons are one hour long.
One-to-one lesson - £25/30, (£25 for two one-to-one lessons per week)
Lesson for a group of two or more - £20 per person.

Offer for your first lesson
£20 for one-to-one
£30 for a group of two.

take the first step.

I also provide a translation service.

Grazie mille!